Collection: ⏰ Is It Time Yet? Advent Resources for Church & Home

Is It Time Yet?

Help your kids to see the BIG story of the Bible this Christmas season. 

Children are naturally anticipatory and always seem to be looking forward to the next big event. So, why not capitalize on the refrain of is it time yet and use it to point children to Christ.

"Is It Time Yet: A Family Advent Journey" is designed to walk your family through the storyline of the Bible in anticipation of the birth of Christ.

As you journey from the first promise of rescue after the Fall, and through all the familiar stories of the Old Testament, children will be reminded that the Rescuer came at just the right time. With daily readings and hands-on activities, children will see how the whole Bible points to Jesus coming into the world to die on the cross for our sins.

"Is It Time Yet?" is a full Advent and Christmas program with resources for church and home, for children of all ages. These resources are designed to help your church and the families in your church anticipate the birth of Christ, rejoice in His coming and look forward to His coming again one day in the future.