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What Others are Saying About Big Truth Resources:

Experienced in leading children’s ministry in churches for over 20 years, Bethany Darwin is an expert at equipping parents with the tools and ideas they need to nurture their children’s understanding and excitement about God. Definitely a needed resource for parents!

-- Kate Nel (Homeschool mom of four)

Biblical. Practical. Inspirational. I particularly valued the clarity on the gospel and the age–appropriate strategies for sharing the gospel with this age group.

-- Justin Harris (Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Naples, Florida)


What a fun way to get weighty doctrine into the minds and souls of toddlers! We heartily recommend this book.

-- John and Keri Folmar (Senior Pastor, United Christian Church of Dubai; Author)

Bethany Darwin has an amazing gift for creatively placing big truths in settings that make it easy and very enjoyable for children to see and appreciate just what those truths are. The songs and activities she has devised will delight not only the children, but the parents who will be thrilled to be able to use such an attractive and reliable guide book.

-- Bruce Ware (Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky & author of ‘Big Truths for Young Hearts’)


Advent is a time of waiting. It is a season of anticipation. Is It Time Yet? is an engaging, biblical resource to help children learn about the child born to save. Each day's reading and activity takes children through the Bible's grand story of redemption, building their anticipation, until the birth of Jesus. Spend time with your children this Advent, asking the question Is it Time Yet? and rejoice together that the time indeed has come.

-- Christina Fox, Counselor, writer, retreat speaker, author of Idols of a Mother's Heart.


Most parents struggle to share faith-moments with their kids, even the traditions of Advent get crowded out in the busyness of life. That's why I'm pleased to recommend "Is It Time Yet?" by Bethany Darwin. This beautifully illustrated book will help families experience the Christmas holiday in a powerful new way. The storybook is theologically rich, perfect to be read aloud, and certain to become a family favorite. The daily activity guide will engage children with the Gospel while showing how the storyline of scripture is pointing to Christ. Most of all, this book will help families worship Jesus together.

-- Tony Kummer, Founder and


… a practical, reusable, fun tool (Sing and Play Big Bible Truths) to teach your children gospel truths through reading, singing, playing and even cooking together! It would be great to use in the home, at church or given as a gift. We wish we had a multi–purpose resource like this when my kids were younger.

-- John Welkner (Associate Pastor, United Christian Church of Dubai)

Bethany is a gifted, God–centered teacher. ‘Sing and Play Big Truths’ is clear, creative, and fun – a great resource to bless our little brothers and sisters in Christ

-- Gloria Furman (Pastor's wife, Mom of four, Author of 'Missional Motherhood' and 'Alive in Him')


"Children need to be instructed in the story line of the whole Bible, and Bethany Darwin's book (Is it Time Yet?) fulfills that purpose wonderfully. Here we find a beautifully illustrated and clearly explained story of redemption that children can understand. It will remind parents and adults of our great salvation as well. I hope this book is widely read and finds its way into the curriculum of churches."

- - Dr. Tom Schreiner Professor of New Testament The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, author Faith Alone: The Doctrine of Justification, The King in His Beauty: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments and more


We are almost halfway through and our family is loving this advent book (Is it Time Yet?)! I did not grow up doing a biblical advent and had not heard of one until I became a mother 7 years ago. Since then, I have fumbled through multiple advents, purchasing different books for the past 3 or 4 years as I tried to find one that was perfect for my family. I finally found it! I appreciate how this book reminds and refocuses us on the greatest expectancy of all time, the need and hope for a Saviour!

- - L Holbrook (mom of 4)