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"Is It Time Yet?" Family Ebook and Worship Guide for Advent and Christmas (download only)

"Is It Time Yet?" Family Ebook and Worship Guide for Advent and Christmas (download only)

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Help your kids to see the BIG story of the Bible this Christmas season.

Children are naturally anticipatory and always seem to be looking forward to the next big event. So, why not capitalize on the refrain of is it time yet and use it to point children to Christ.


About the Book:

"Is It Time Yet: A Family Advent Journey" is a storybook and family worship guide designed to walk your family through the storyline of the Bible in anticipation of the birth of Christ. As you journey from the first promise of rescue after the Fall, and through all the familiar stories of the Old Testament, children will be reminded that the Rescuer came at just the right time. With daily readings and hands-on activities, children will see how the whole Bible points to Jesus coming into the world to die on the cross for our sins.

This 62-page full-color storybook perfect for read-aloud in the days leading up to Christmas. In this book, you'll find 25 stories meant to be read 1 per day, December 1-25.

Each story stands alone, but together they tell the overarching story of the Bible, help children to see that Jesus came at just the right time, and remind us each day that Christmas is more about Jesus on the cross than Jesus in the manger. Each story ends with the question, is it time yet? to connect children to the gospel each day.

Along with the ebook, you'll receive a Family Devotional Guide The devotional guide includes 25 days of devotions with Scripture reading, discussion questions, suggestions for using the pictures in the book for discussion, and two activities (one for younger children - age 2-7 and one for older children - age 8+).

A printed edition of Is It Time Yet is also available here on Amazon

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Flip through the first few pages of the book here!

Most children in the church will tell you that Christmas is about Jesus, but do they truly believe that to be true? This storybook and devotional takes the naturally anticipatory nature of children toward Christmas and helps them to see that Jesus came to earth at just the right time and for one very specific reason. 

Unique Book Features:


Unique Symbols

"Is It Time Yet?" uses unique symbols to walk your family through the overarching story of the Bible in 25 days, helping children to see that Jesus came at just the right time.

These symbols are designed to help children remember the storyline of the Bible and are found in the storybook, devotional guide and advent calendar ideas to help reinforce teaching throughout the month.

"Is It Time Yet?"

One unique feature of "Is It Time Yet?" is that each story ends with a simple question... 'is it time yet?'

Then, the question is answer by discussing why it may look like it's time and what God's people were still waiting for at that point in the story. The repetitive nature of the question will have even the youngest of toddlers waiting with anticipation to read of the birth of Christ!


Key Words

Each story has a few key words highlighted on the page. This helps you at a glance to see what the story is about.

With young toddlers, parents can use the key words and the picture to tell the story in their own words. And with elementary children, before reading the story, you can have them try to tell the story using the key words, or ask them to define the words, especially on pages like this one with the word 'prophesied.'



"Children need to be instructed in the storyline of the whole Bible, and Bethany Darwin's book fulfills that purpose wonderfully. Here we find a beautifully illustrated and clearly explained story of redemption that children can understand. It will remind parents and adults of our great salvation as well. I hope this book is widely read and finds its way into the curriculum of churches."

Dr. Tom Schreiner Professor of New Testament The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, author Faith Alone: The Doctrine of Justification, The King in His Beauty: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments and more

"Engaging, accessible, and, most importantly, theologically informed—these qualities aptly describe this Advent-oriented overview of the gospel. Practically speaking, the storybook and accompanying devotional enable families to put the over-commercialized Christmas holiday squarely back within its most potent redemptive context. Beyond its obvious seasonal appeal, Is it Time Yet? also represents a treasure trove of biblical theology for both the young and the young at heart. Thus, I am happy to commend this resource to parents, children, and churches alike."

Dr. Justin Harris, D.Min., The Master’s Seminary, Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church Naples

"This is just the advent devotional our family has been waiting for. Is It Time Yet: A Family Advent Journey by Bethany Darwin is a Christmas gift to anyone wanting to walk through the entire storyline of the Bible with their children. This is an accessible and faithful resource to help parents explain to their children how the birth of Jesus is the fulfillment of all the Old Testament promises. We can't wait to read this devotional with our kids and highly commend it to you."

Dave and Gloria Furman, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai, Author of Being There and Kiss the Wave; Author of Treasuring Christ When your Hands are Full and Labor with Hope. 


Other Reviews:

  1. Great Advent Journey - We love our new Advent journey! We have three children who are old enough to enjoy the stories this year, aged 2 to 7. I love that the family guide comes with activities to do with the stories for older kids and younger kids, so that there is something for everyone. The pictures in the book interest each of our children and the story and words are so helpful to their hearts as we wait during advent together. I definitely would recommend this resource to everyone! (Kate / 2020)

  2. Great Storytelling that sums up the Biblical Message about Jesus - It wonderfully tells the most important story anyone would ever hear! Glad we have this resource that helps us teach our son about Christmas since the young age. (D & J / 2022)

  3. This story of the Gospel will now be a Christmas tradition in our family. Thank you! - Having known Bethany for over 14 years and seen her love and dedication to share the gospel with children firsthand I was not surprised at how impressive this book was I love that in one little book the gospel can be shared from Adam right through to Jesus and his perfect gift to us. Thank you Bethany I look forward to making reading this book an annual tradition in our family, and to your future books. (WM / 2020)

  4. No more Searching for sound Biblical Advent - We are almost halfway through and our family is loving this advent book! I did not grow up doing a biblical advent and had not heard of one until I became a mother 7 years ago. Since then, I have fumbled through multiple advents, purchasing different books for the past 3 or 4 years as I tried to find one that was perfect for my family. I finally found it! I appreciate how this book reminds and refocuses us on the greatest expectancy of all time, the need and hope for a Saviour! (Lyssa / 2020)

  5. Christ Centered Advent Devotional - We have loved this advent devotional so far. The illustrations are engaging and the story follows the truth of scripture. I created little ornaments to go with it for each day and our little loves it! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a Christ-centered advent devotional for children! (Kaylee / 2020) 

  6. Can't Wait for AdventWe are excited to add this Advent resource to our family this year. I am convinced that we must prepare our 2020 weary hearts to fully worship our Lord as we celebrate His birth. “Is It Time Yet” is going to be a great help to usher us to the throne room. (MAW / 2020)

  7. Captivating and ReadableThis book is absolutely beautiful- the story of the gospel is threaded throughout every advent reading; and the pictures are stunning and captivating. It’s written so my kids of different ages will enjoy it. Excited for this to be a new family tradition!!!! (Charity / 2020)

(reviews all copied from amazon)

This storybook will soon become an
annual tradition in your family!





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Customer Reviews

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Julia Bär (Munich, DE)
Beautiful and biblical resource for all ages!

We started using is "Is it time yet?" with our kids when it came out 3 y ago. While they were small then. They all enjoyed it. Especially with the activities. It made it very visual for them to understand the story line of the Bible. Now using it again this year, after a year break, it is amazing to see how the kids connect in a different level. How they see the story come alive with the question "Is it time yet?" and how it guides us to great Bible discussions. Highly recommend this from 3y up (include the activities from the family guide with coloring and the clock and small pictures) and even for 12y and beyond. Then you can even go deeper and discuss it. Thank you Bethany Darwin for this great, beautiful, biblical and practical resource.