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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

Ultimate Bible Challenge - 5-week Gameshow Style Bible Lessons (download only)

Ultimate Bible Challenge - 5-week Gameshow Style Bible Lessons (download only)

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“The Ultimate Bible Challenge” is an interactive curriculum resource. This resource is designed to be used with classes who like PPT/ interactive/ on-screen lessons, and can easily be used in online settings, or even to be used with families for family worship or homeschool.

This curriculum is for churches who desire to see their children grow in Bible literacy and offers the same rich content that you'll find in our flagship 52-week Bible curriculum, "The B-I-B-L-E" just in an on-screen format.

Ultimate Bible Challenge PPT lessons are designed to last approximately 20-30 minutes, allowing for worship, crafts, coloring pages and other activities to round out your class time. Suggested songs and crafts are included, along with teaching materials, printables and fun Bible book games to be played in class.

The interactive features of the PPT lesson allow teachers to host the class almost like a game show, encouraging children to answer questions and work together to learn Biblical truth. Each PPT lesson includes Bible trivia questions, answers and explanations, key stories from each book of the Bible, memory verses and a chance to see how the whole Bible points to Jesus and our need for salvation.


What You Get:

  • 5 interactive PPT files ready to teach
  • PDF notes for each PPT lesson
  • PDF printables of teaching posters, activity pages, coloring pages and more
  • suggested songs and crafts for each lesson
  • PDF printable file for making your own Bible book cards and a list of teaching games to use with the cards ($11 value)


Flip through one of the PPT files below. Please note that the interactive features do not work on this preview and that teaching notes are provided to go along with these slides. 




  • Print the notes PDFs.

  • Read through the notes and associated Scripture passages.

  • Pray that God would use you to proclaim truth to the kids in your class.

  • Practice the power point presentation to be familiar with the interactive features.

  • Gather with your kids online and teach God's Word.


Episode 1 - The Big Picture - John 20:31
The Bible is one BIG story about God rescuing His people.

Episode 2 - Beginnings - Genesis - Genesis 1:1
The beginning of the world, the beginning of sin, the beginning of God's rescue plan, the beginning of God's people, but not the beginning of God.

Episode 3 - The Rescue - Exodus - Exodus 3:14
God shows His great power and rescues His people from slavery in Egypt. It's also in the book of Exodus that we first learn the name of God.

Episode 4 - Law/ Holiness - Leviticus - Leviticus 19:2
God shows Himself to be Holy and calls His people to be holy (or set apart) from the nations around them. He is their God and they are to be His people.

Episode 5 - Reminders - Numbers & Deuteronomy - Numbers 23:19
God’s people are in the desert and God is leading them to the Promised Land. During this time, the people learn a lot about what God is like. Right before entering the promised land, Moses reminds them of the law and everything God has done for them.




How to Access this Product:

Like all materials on Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids, this resource is fully digital, nothing will be mailed to you. This means that you can have it and start using it TODAY in 3 easy steps! 

1 - Buy this resource.

2 - Download this resource. Right after buying you will receive an email with a download link. These files need to be downloaded on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices aren't recommended and may result in difficulty accessing your files.

3 - Use this resource. Right away you can print, email or save your file for future use.

Plus if for any reason you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, all purchases from Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll make it right!

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