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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Children's Ministry Curriculum (download)

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Children's Ministry Curriculum (download)

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All children love a good story. Now, get them excited about the GREATEST story ever told!

The Greatest Story ever told is a fun and interactive Children's Ministry Curriculum. Through these lessons children will walk through the BIG Story of the Bible and see the overarching theme of God in relationship with His people. Through familiar, and sometimes less-familiar, stories, children will see Jesus as the Promised One who can to save His people from sin and death.


26- weeks of Bible Lessons
Ages 5-11 / Elementary
Instant Download

In part 1: THE OLD TESTAMENT, (13 lessons) we’ll look at the overarching story of the Bible, and walk through the Old Testament where God spoke to His people through prophets and priests and Kings, and sometimes directly. This unit ends at the beginning of the New Testament, where we see things being put in place for God to speak again, and where we get a hint of how God was coming into the world.

In part 2: THE NEW TESTAMENT, (14 lessons) kids will walk through the life of Christ, the birth of the church and the spread of the gospel, before looking forward to the written of Christ at the end of the age.

Click here to see a sample lesson - "In the Beginning"


For the perfect Bible overview during a school year, try our The Greatest Story Ever Told: Children's Ministry Curriculum (download). This convenient 27-week curriculum is designed to engage and teach children with compelling stories from the Bible.

Start when schools in your area start in the fall. Take breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Palm Sunday, Easter and Mother's Day, using themed lessons, and you'll finish the materials about the time school is out for the summer. What better gift is there for the kids of your church that grounding them in the overarching story of the Bible.



  • Introductory Activity
  • Suggested Worship Songs
  • Bible Teaching
  • Teaching Activities
  • Memory Verse Activity
  • Prayer Prompts
  • Craft Activity (for many lessons)
  • Book of the Bible Activity
  • Kid's Journals (ESV, NIV & KJV versions)
  • Worksheet Pages


  • 📅 13 weeks of teaching materials
  • 📘Scripture verses from from ESV, NIV & KJV (with printables in all 3 translations) + WORD file to edit for other translations as desired
  • ⏰   Teaching time: 45-60 minutes
  • 👧🏼 Ages 5-12 (grades K-6 in the USA)
  • 📥  Instant download (Word lesson, PDF lesson, PDF teaching materials, PPT)
  • 📺 Bonus PPT a & countdown videos for large group teaching
  • ⛪️ You have full permission to share these digital materials within your congregation.


Lessons are designed to be taught in a 1-hour setting for children ages 5-11 (K-5th grade). Each lesson includes an introductory activity, worship through singing (with links to suggested songs), multiple ideas for telling the Bible story, an opportunity to see where this story fits into the storyline of the Bible, suggested worship songs with links, application activities, weekly memory verses with activities, worksheet pages to use as review or send home, and journal pages to go along with the lesson. These journal pages can be printed as needed and completed in class and sent home, or you can have the books printed and bound and at the end of the year, kids will be able to take home the full story of the Bible.

NOTE: all scripture quoted in the lesson word file is ESV. KJV & NIV versions of the teaching materials and student journals are included for churches who would prefer those translation.

For the “Story Time” portion of each lesson, options are given to (1) read the story from Scripture, (2) tell the story in your own words, being sure to hit listed key points or (3) read from a favorite story Bible (page numbers are listed for several popular and gospel focused children’s story Bibles).


27-Week Curriculum Overview

  1. The Bible is One Big Story - an overview of the storyline of the Bible

  2. In the Beginning - the story of creation 

  3. Sin Came in - the story of the fall

  4. Destruction and Promise - the story of Noah and the promise of forever rescue

  5. God's Big Promise - God's covenant with Abraham

  6. God's Big Family - the story of the patriarchs - Abraham  through the account of Joseph

  7. I Am Who I Am  - God calling Moses & sending him to Pharaoh and the account of the plagues

  8. A Sign and a Rescue - the account of Passover, the exodus and the giving of the law

  9. God's Good Place - the story of entering the Promised Land, Conquering Jericho, Joshua charging them to follow God, and David conquering Goliath 

  10. Life in God's Place - the account of Solomon building the temple

  11. Sent Away - the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal and then the exile

  12. Waiting with Hope - the account of God's people in exile and the return and rebuilding of the temple

  13. Many Silent Years - the end of the Old Testament until the start of the Old Testament

  14. The Promised One - the story of the birth of Jesus

  15. Birth Announcement - the account of the angels announcing Jesus' birth

  16. Following the King - Jesus Calling the 1st Disciples

  17. Jesus in the Temple - the story of Jesus cleansing the temple

  18. Born Again? - Jesus talking to Nicodemus

  19. I Can See - the account of Jesus healing a blind man

  20. Back to Life - the story of Jesus raising Lazarus

  21. On the Cross - Jesus' arrest, trials and death

  22. Confused - the story of Jesus' disciples confused and scared in the days after His death

  23. Alive Again - the account of Jesus' resurrection

  24. Look in the Book - the story of Jesus showing the disciples how the whole Bible points to Himself

  25. Start of the Church - Pentecost and the first church

  26. Letters About Jesus - a look at the New Testament letters and how they were written to edify the church

  27. End / Beginning - a lesson on hope as we wait for the coming King

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