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The 1st Easter: Story in Pictures - Story and Activity Book - Ages 2-10

The 1st Easter: Story in Pictures - Story and Activity Book - Ages 2-10

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"The 1st Easter: Story in Pictures" is a fun activity book for the Easter season.

At Easter, churches tend to do a great job of hitting the highlights of the Easter story (triumphant entry, last supper, crucifixion, and resurrection), but it's hard to find time to really dive deep into the full story. "The 1st Easter: Story in Pictures" is the answer to that dilemma. Churches can use these stories as the basis of lessons for weeks leading up to Easter or can share this resource with their families, encouraging them to use it for family worship for 15 days before Easter. Either way, it's a unique and timely Easter resource that children will treasure year after year. 

A printed paperback black & white version of this resource is available on amazon. If you would like to place a bulk order (at a discount) for your church, please contact us for pricing.




The goal of this resource is for children to grow in their understanding of the Easter story by participating in the reading of the story. In this book, you'll find 15 stories representing Jesus' final days of earthly ministry. In each story, several of the words have been replaced with pictures. Before each story, show your children the pictures they'll see in the story and tell them what word the picture represents, encouraging them to call out that word whenever they see the picture.

Along the top of each picture, you'll find Scripture references for that portion of the story. After reading the story from the book, read the Scripture text while children draw or color the picture for reinforcement.

As well as the stories, this book also contains a few activity pages to use to review the story. Other activities you may want to include in your Easter study are: acting out the stories, creating a countdown to Easter using the story symbols, drawing a timeline, molding the story out of clay, or having children create their own storybooks using the word pictures provided.



Both families and church groups will love using this resource in their Easter celebration. The stories are simple enough to hold the attention of preschoolers, while full of details and opportunities for discussion that older children will appreciate. Plus pages can be printed for coloring to keep little hands busy during storytime.

  • Single-Family License: Intended for private use in the home.
  • Church License: Full permission to share with all the families of your congregation or ministry group.


  • 15 story pages representing Jesus' final days of earthly ministry
  • stories are written with word pictures encouraging children to participate in the reading
  • bonus activity pages
  • both full-color and black/ white versions for ease of use and sharing
  • PDF files you can easily print or email and share with families



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Kids Zone Teacher (Des Moines, US)
Love the book. I am

The book is great, tells the Easter story simply for the kids to understand and the graphics are great!