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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

Sing! Shout! Jump! 6-Week Bible Lessons for Kids for Sunday School and Children's Ministry in the Psalms (download only)

Sing! Shout! Jump! 6-Week Bible Lessons for Kids for Sunday School and Children's Ministry in the Psalms (download only)

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The book of Psalms is often referred to as the Bible’s songbook. In the Psalms we see a full range of emotions from the Psalmists as they worship the LORD through singing, shouting, weeping, rejoicing and more. In “Sing! Shout! Jump!” children will get a bigger picture of who God is and what it means to worship Him. Plus, they’ll see how they can worship the LORD in a myriad of ways.

6- weeks of Bible Lessons
Instant Download
Sample Lesson

Age 5-11

“Sing! Shout! Jump!” is designed to be used in a self-contained class with a wide range of age groups. The lessons do not include separate activities for various age groups, but you (as teacher) know your group best and will be able to determine how best to use the activities with your class. For example, if your class is mainly grades K-2, you will probably want to read the Psalm to them and highlight a few of the verses, while if your group is mostly grades 3-5 you’ll want to have them read and discuss more. If you have a small group/ large group format, you can easily adapt the materials to do the ‘worship through singing’ and ‘story time’ sections together in a large group and then divide into smaller groups for the activities.

“Sing! Shout! Jump!” will have multiple 6-lesson units released over time. These 6-week units are perfect to use as filler between longer series, or individual lessons can be used on their own as lessons don’t really build on each other. 

In this first series of “Sing! Shout! Jump!” kids will be introduced to the book of Psalms and look at the first six Psalms.

  • Psalm 1 – Walk in His Ways
  • Psalm 2 – Run to God
  • Psalm 3 – Cry Out to God
  • Psalm 4 – Lie Down and Trust God
  • Psalm 5 – Ask God to Deliver
  • Psalm 6 – Plead for Mercy

“Sing! Shout! Jump!” is based on a popular series on, with multiple additions and improvements. In this version, you’ll find memory verses with learning activities, suggested worship songs, more discussion/ commentary on the Psalm being taught, application activities, memory verse posters, and printables, including weekly worksheets and coloring pages that can be bound together to form a workbook.



  • Introductory Activity
  • Worship songs with links
  • Teaching notes
  • Application activity
  • Memory Verse activity
  • Cross connection - how this Psalm points to Jesus
  • Workbook & coloring page


  • Perfect for ages 5-11 (grades K-5 in the USA)
  • 6-weeks of teaching material
  • 112 pages of material
  • Requires 60 minutes per lesson
  • Scripture verses from from ESV
  • This is an instant download curriculum


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