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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

Sing and Play Attributes of God - 26 Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Sing and Play Attributes of God - 26 Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

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A complete toddler ministry curriculum in a (virtual) box. 

26- weeks of Bible Lessons
Instant Download
Ages 1 -4 Years Old

Children age 1-4 are like little sponges absorbing everything around them, so why not surround them with solid, gospel truth? That's why we created this comprehensive new curriculum. Now you can establish a firm foundation for their relationship with Christ.

"Sing & Play Attributes of God" (+ all the extras you get with it) is everything you need for your toddler Sunday School class, or to teach your little ones at home. If you have children age 1-3 in your children's ministry, this is the only resource you'll ever need. 

Each lesson contains an interactive story, memory verse with motions, 2 teaching activities, song suggestions, motion for the attribute, teaching questions (catechism style), and an activity page. Through these lessons, toddlers will be introduced to the character of God and be given a foundation of Biblical truth.

For a FREE Sample Lesson - A= God is Almighty, click here.

Like all our resources, these are digital downloads, so that means you can print and start teaching today. With full-color teaching pictures and printables, you can also laminate these resources for classroom decor and to be used over and over again. Year after year, the little ones in your ministry can start with this firm foundation in knowing God.

Two Purchase Options:

Church license $59 - use in various ministry settings (nursery, Sunday School, Christian daycare, mom's ministry group, and etc.) or share with all the families in your congregation. The digital files make sharing easy. Email, print, or share in any way that empowers your toddler ministry. [This is an excellent deal at just a little over $2 a lesson. Plus, you can easily cycle through this lesson 2x in a year with toddlers, making this a full-year of lessons for $59)

Single family license $19 - use this powerful material in your own home at an amazing price. 



Lessons in 'Sing and Play Attributes of God'

  • A - God is Almighty - "Crossing the Sea" - Exodus 14
  • B - God is Big - "David Fought Goliath" - 1 Samuel 17
  • C - God is Creator - "God Created Everything" - Genesis 1
  • D - God is Deliverer - "God Rescues Noah & Makes a Big Promise" - Genesis 6-9
  • E - God is Eternal - "In the Beginning, God" - Genesis 1
  • F - God is Faithful - "A Promised Baby" - Genesis 21
  • G - God is Good - "Water From a Rock" - Exodus 17 & Numbers 20
  • H- God is Holy - "God's 10 Rules" - Exodus 20
  • I - Jesus is Immanuel - "Jesus is Born" - Luke 2
  • J - God is Just - "The Ark of God" - 2 Samuel 6
  • K - Jesus is the Forever King - "Jesus in the Forever King"
  • L - God is Love - "Jesus Teaches About God's Love" - Luke 15
  • M- God is Merciful - "God Sends Help" - Acts 2
  • N - God Needs Nothing - "Paul Preaches the Good News" - Acts 17
  • O - God is Omnipresent - "God is Everywhere" - Psalm 139
  • P - God Protects - "God Protected Daniel" -Daniel 6
  • Q - God is Quick to Save - "Abraham Loved God" - Genesis 22
  • R - Jesus is the Rescuer - "Jesus is the Rescuer" - Isaiah (mainly 53)
  • S - God Saves - "God Saves the People of Nineveh" - Jonah
  • T - God is Trustworthy - "Abraham Trusted God" -Genesis 12 & 15
  • U - God is Unchanging -"It's All About the Cross" - God's plan never changed
  • V- God is Victorious - "Going Into God's Good Land" - Joshua 6
  • W - God is Wise - "God Gives Wisdom to Solomon" - 1 Kings 3
  • X- God is Excellent -"Jesus Came Back to Life" - John 20
  • Y - God is Yahweh -"God Introduces Himself to Moses" - Exodus 3
  • Z - God is Zealous - "God Opens Saul's Eyes" - Acts 9


Plus Bonus Resources:

  • Little Songs: Big Truths - 19 simple songs that reach BIG Biblical Truth
  • All About Teaching Toddlers - a collection of articles and resources to equip teachers of toddlers and preschoolers in how to better share the good news of Jesus with the children in their lives!



How to Access this Product:

Like all materials on Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids, this resource is fully digital, nothing will be mailed to you. This means that you can have it and start using it TODAY in 3 easy steps! 

1 - Buy this resource.

2 - Download this resource. Right after buying you will receive an email with a download link. These files need to be downloaded on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices aren't recommended and may result in difficulty accessing your files.

3 - Use this resource. Right away you can print, email or save your file for future use.

Plus if for any reason you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, all purchases from Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll make it right!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Julia Baer (Munich, DE)
Outstanding bible centered curricula for his age

It's not easy to find a curricula which is great for this age group while still being gospel centered and solid in theology. I loved how my daughter (and after her the next 2 and can't wait to use it now with #4) learned her first bible truths with this sing and play curriculum by Bethany Darwin. I incorporated it into our early stages of family devotion and loved how the games where great for little minds. The songs are easy to remember and that way the kids learn bible truths and verses with their young minds. In a combination of different of these sing & play curricula my daughter could repeat the truths in a way that she memorized the whole gospel. And we had fun singing the songs and learning bible verses at a early stage. Let us as parents and teachers use this curriculum faithfully and pray that God will open the hearts of the kids to understand the deep meanings of it. I have not found a better curricula for this age. We have used this curricula along the Big Truth one for the little ones in children's ministry. I love how it gives you great material and is easy to teach, while being so deep. Highly recommend it for church or home use.

Jenia (Mesa, US)
Great for even home use

Our family does evening devotions for our toddler, we read the Bible and then pray. I thought of teaching him more and was looking for some kind of lessons to help me with that. Unfortunately everything I found online would have gaps either in Theology or activities. I think this lesson book has everything to help me in introducing the biblical truths to my son in an interactive way. I got this material to use at home and I love how easy it is to use (I’m sure church volunteers who never taught before will appreciate it). It walks through the lesson step by step with creative ways to engage smallest students, like my son who is 14 months. Each lesson is for about an hour or so, but we break it down into mini lessons and do some songs and only one activity at a time.