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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

My Church Notebook -Tips, Tools & Notes to Help Children Listen to Sermons (download only)

My Church Notebook -Tips, Tools & Notes to Help Children Listen to Sermons (download only)

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Transitioning children into "big church" can be a challenge for parents and churches alike. How do you teach children to sit and listen? How do you make sure they are participating and not simply being forced to sit quietly? This resource provides all you need to help children in your church or family be successful and grow in their love for God and His Word through the preached message.

  • single-family license to print for family use only
  • church-wide license to share with every family in your congregation

A printed edition of My Church Notebook is also available here on Amazon.

If you would like to purchase a bulk order to distribute at your church, please use the contact form and we'll be in touch about the details of your order.
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This book is designed to help make you a better listener and to help you learn new things about God and His Word.
In this book you'll find a variety of sermon note guide pages. The book is designed for you to use 2 pages each week.

Some of the things you'll find on the pages are:

  • places for questions you have and for you to write words you don't know
  • questions to answer about the worship service
  • areas to draw things that you hear or see in the sermon
  • places to write the main points of the sermon
  • spaces for writing what you learn from the sermon
  • definitions of some key Bible words
  • and much more

Some weeks you'll have more space for writing and other weeks you'll have more space for drawing. This will allow you to learn different ways of taking notes and figure out the best way for you to listen. After you work your way through this book you'll be able to take notes on your own.

Along with the 2 pages for each sermon, you'll also find several bonus activity pages to help you review the truths of the gospel, learn verses and more. You'll also find a Bible dictionary at the back of the book so you can look up words that you don't know during the sermon.


  • Tips for listening to sermons and taking notes
  • 50 2-page spreads designed to help children focus during the sermon
  • 5 different sermon note page designs
  • a Bible dictionary with 85+ common Bible words defined for children to easily understand
  • bonus activity pages


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Julia Bär (Nidderau, DE)
Beautiful and yet easy to use

Just bought this resource! So well done! Beautiful and yet simple design. Challenging and easy! Can't wait to use it with my kids. This was so needed. Especially as more and more churches encourage their kids to stay in the service and listen to God's word from their pastor. As the Gospel is simple, when God opens the heart!

Polly Gail (Chatsworth, US)
More Than a Notebook

This ‘notebook’ for children to use for sermon notes so so much more than just a ‘notebook!’ This is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Starting with tips on how to use the book and instructions on how to take notes, this book teaches children to listen and participate in church instead of just keeping their hands busy. My favorite thing about this book is the various note taking options and suggestions. As an adult I’ve been challenged to think differently during a sermon with this book. I also LOVE the dictionary at the back of the book. What a great resource for kids to have at their fingertips during a sermon. I can’t wait to give these to all the kids in my life and church!
It’s a great gift!

J. E. Tapp (Greensboro, US)
High Five from a Grandma of a 12 year old!

This is the single best resource for parents and grandparents who have children sitting with them in church. The layout really helps in teaching note taking. For years I would write out math problems or anything I could think of for busy work. when our grandson would visit. Then I just took paper and told my grandson to write what he heard. This tool will keep everything in one neat place. I also appreciate the option to order from Amazon. Churches should consider using this as a promotion when kids no longer go to Children’s Church.