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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

Guess the Emoji Bible Story - On Screen Game for Children's Ministry (download only)

Guess the Emoji Bible Story - On Screen Game for Children's Ministry (download only)

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Do you know your emojis? Do you think you can guess the Bible story based on emojis alone?

This on-screen-game, is a fun Bible based review game where kids test their knowledge of Bible stories and see if they can identify them using only a few emojis.

Guess the Emoji Bible Story is a great game for age 5-12. In this game, children will use emoji clues to guess familiar Bible stories. This game is presented in video format with emojis showing on the screen along with a 10 second countdown and then a chance to guess before the answer and Bible passage are revealed. 

Game has 12 rounds of gameplay plus a bonus round in case of a tie. Based on your group you can have kids compete to be the 1st to yell out the answer or have kids work in teams to win points. If you need to get some energy out, have kids race to the front to ring a bell if they know the answer, or jump up indicating that you should pause the video while kids guess.

This on-screen-game is designed to be played in class with video. 

To Play:

  1. Start the video.
  2. Read instructions from the screen. Tell kids how you want them to guess - yell out, race for a buzzer, stand up, etc.
  3. Watch the 1st video.
  4. Have kids guess.
  5. When the answers come on, read the answer together. 
  6. If time allows, have the child who guessed correctly explain how they knew what Bible story it was (EX: tell the story using the emojis).
  7. Continue with the other videos.

This download includes:

  • Video File (.mp4) (see a preview of the video above) of the whole game.
  • PPT file
  • JPG files of the screens so you can mix them up and create your own game.


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