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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

Breakfast in Bethlehem Christmas Event (download only)

Breakfast in Bethlehem Christmas Event (download only)

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Christmas time can be a very confusing time for children as they try and sort out the truth out of all the messages thrown at them. What is Christmas all about? Is it about the gifts? Is it about Santa? What’s the real story of Christmas?





Breakfast in Bethlehem is designed to be a fun family event that allows kids to experience the story of Christmas as they make their way through a series of booths. You could say that “Breakfast in Bethlehem” is a family Christmas Carnival. With a few simple supplies: a large space (gym, fellowship hall, or outside), and this guide, you're sure to have an event that kids and parents will remember forever.

During "Breakfast in Bethlehem," families will make their way through a series of booths (games, crafts, and snacks) and discover the true Christmas story a little bit at a time as they experience each of the activities. Games such as Prophecy Toss will remind kids that Jesus is the promised Messiah, while the Manger Race will remind them that Jesus was born in humble surroundings and placed in a manger instead of a bed. 

For this event, you need to set aside 2-3 hours to give kids time to play all the games and hear the full story.


 Kids of all ages, from toddlers to preteens, along with their parents will enjoy this event. There is something for everyone. Younger kids will enjoy the festive atmosphere and spending time with their parents. While older kids will start to see the story of Christmas really come alive. This is also a great neighborhood outreach as everyone is looking for something fun to kick off the Christmas season. 


  • full plans for a family Christmas carnival
  • 17 kid-friendly games with simple teaching points at each station
  • prep and supply lists
  • game booth signs
  • printables



Very creative activities for children and families to know and learn the events surrounding Christ's birth. We used this on a small scale - (about 7 of the games) , just for our church kids because of the timing of the purchase. They participated with enthusiasm! Our hope is to use this eventually for a community outreach. What a great resource to have and uniquely adaptable. Thank you. - Fox

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T.E. (Hampstead, US)
This was perfect!

We loved this! I have a small church that meets in a one room rec center. We did this activity following our worship service. We started at 10:30ish we broke our kids into two groups and did 6 stations, then we all had a pancake breakfast together than ran 6 more stations. We even had a photo booth. The 12 stations we chose were easy to put together and the kids loved them. All the volunteers really loved the message we shared along the way. I hope we can find a lent/easter one like it. Thanks.