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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

2024 52-Week Bundle - Preschool and Elementary Curriculum

2024 52-Week Bundle - Preschool and Elementary Curriculum

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The "2024 52-week Bundle" is a full year of children's ministry planned for you!


The "2024 52-week Bundle" is packed with favorite curriculum series to support you as you teach preschoolers and elementary students this year at church. Plus, to save you the time and headache of planning your teaching calendar, a sample teaching calendar for 2024 has been included, as well as sample monthly emails/ announcements to help you communicate with parents what you're teaching.

Preview the materials here and see the full teaching calendar!


  • 52 elementary lessons 
  • 52 preschool lessons
  • Scope and Sequence for the Year
  • All you need to point your students (nursery - 6th grade / age 0-12) to Christ all year long. 


Please note that upon purchasing this bundle you will receive an overview of all materials included with a link to a dropbox folder where you can access all of the materials, download them and save them to your computer. 


What Makes this Bundle Special:

💰 Budget Focused - this bundle saves you $685

📥 Lesson Dropbox - when you buy, you'll receive instructions for accessing all the files in drop box and you'll have access to the dropbox link for a full year making it easy to download and share lessons with your team. 

👩‍🏫 Easy to Teach- with easily sharable PDF files and easily editable word files, it's easy to make the lessons work in any setting. Plus, very few extra supplies are needed, making prep simple.

📅 Scope and Sequence - a teaching calendar so you'll be ready to teach every week.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Parent & Home Connection - most elementary lessons come with parent connection pages to keep discipleship going at home throughout the week.

👧🏼 Child Friendly - with lessons specifically written for toddlers, preschoolers, younger elementary and older elementary you'll have everything you need to meet all kids right where they are. 

You'll get $782 worth of materials for only $97.
That's a 88% discount!



What's Included?

    • True Identity - 🤷‍♀️- a 4-week series to help children find their identity in Christ alone, knowing they were made in the image of God - $47 value

    • What's God Like? - 📚 - 7 lessons taken from this year's flagship curriculum on the attributes of God - $58 value

    • Thankful Still - 🦃 - a 4-week series focussing on gratitude, challenging kids to show thankfulness to God - $45 value

    • 3 Christmas Gifts -🎁 -  a 3-week Christmas series for elementary, seeing Jesus as the greatest gift - $35 value

    • Big Truths for Young Hearts - 🚨Unit 5 - 12 lessons on salvation and the church  - $69 value

    • Why Easter? - ✞ - a 5 week series walking through the story of Easter - $39 value

    • Honor Your Mom - 🧍‍♀️- Mother's Day Lesson - $15 value

    • The Greatest Dad - 🧍‍♂️ - Father's Day Lesson - $15 value

    • The Greatest Story Ever Told - 📚 - 13 lessons walking elementary age kids through the New Testament  $59 value

    • Jesus' Birthday Party - 🎁 - Family Christmas Event - $19 value

    • Sing and Play Attributes of God - 🎶 - 8 lessons for toddlers and preschoolers taken from this 6-month series - $35 value

    • Thank You for Mom - 🤰 - Mother's Day Lesson for preschoolers - $15 value

    • Thank You for Dads - 👨‍👦- Father's Day Lesson for preschoolers - $15 value

    • Thank You God - 🦃 - Thanksgiving Lesson for preschoolers - $15 value

    • The 4 Soils - 🌱 - Preschool lesson on the parable of the sower - $9 value

    • The Greatest Story Ever Told - 🎉 - 26 lessons for preschoolers walking through the storyline of the Bible -  $116 value

    • Sing and Play Easter - ✝️ - 8 lessons on Easter for preschoolers and toddlers - $55 value

    • Sing and Play Creation - 🌎 - 4 lessons on creation for toddlers and preschoolers - $35 value

    • Sing and Play Christmas - 🎄- 4 Christmas lessons for toddlers and preschoolers - $44 value




    How to Access this Product:

    Like all materials on Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids, this resource is fully digital, nothing will be mailed to you. This means that you can have it and start using it TODAY in 3 easy steps! 

    1 - Buy this resource.

    2 - Download this resource. Right after buying you will receive an email with a download link. These files need to be downloaded on a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices aren't recommended and may result in difficulty accessing your files.

    3 - Use this resource. Right away you can print, email or save your file for future use.

    Plus if for any reason you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, all purchases from Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll make it right!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Sherry Randall (Baton Rouge, US)
    Five Star Material

    The files were easy to download.
    The material was well organized.
    I had a few questions and I received an immediate response by email.
    Thanks for the information and the technical support.
    We will use this material for our youth classes and perhaps supplement it with crafts, games, etc.
    Thank you.

    James (Victorville, US)
    Much Better

    Edit with UPDATE: With customer support's help I was able to find the links I needed with all the attached lessons. DropBox will ensure that you have access to the files. It was tricky for a moment because the link I needed was hidden in the PDF I originally downloaded. All is well that ends well. I'm excited for 2024!

    OP: After purchasing this amazing bundle I eagerly downloaded the attached file (A whopping 13MB). All it included were the themes for each week of the year, no lesson plans, craft ideas, nothing else. 37 pdf pages with the themes for the whole 2024 year. This just seems a little iffy... Did I not set up my account properly to access more material?

    I'd be happy to amend this rating after a follow up with Customer/Support.