Celebrating Advent at Church and Home

Celebrating Advent at Church and Home

If you look up the word advent, the definition says; the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. Anticipating the arrival of a person, thing or event sounds like something that children do all the time. Children are naturally anticipatory and always seem to be looking forward to the next big event, whether it's back to school, Christmas, their birthday, a family trip, or even pizza on Friday night. They love looking forward to things!

But, who could be more notable and what event could be more worthy of its arrival being anticipated and celebrated that the coming of Jesus Christ into the world? In Christian circles, it is the annual celebration of Jesus coming into the world that we refer to as ADVENT.

And because children are anticipatory by nature, advent is a perfect fit for children's ministry and family discipleship, as it keeps the anticipation high during a time that children are naturally waiting for excitedly... Christmas!

Churches have been celebrating advent for years, using the weeks leading up to Christmas to help congregants get their hearts in the right place before Christmas. This is often done with the traditional advent wreath with candles being lit each Sunday for four weeks before Christmas and a central candle being lit on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. There is something special about this tradition, knowing that churches around the world are reading the same Scripture passages and celebrating together.

However, sometimes with kids it's helpful to have something that they take part in more often than on Sundays, and even better if they can be involved in the celebration.

This is why I created "Is It Time Yet?"

"Is It Time Yet: A Family Advent Journey" is designed to walk your family through the storyline of the Bible in anticipation of the birth of Christ.



As you journey from the first promise of rescue after the Fall, and through all the familiar stories of the Old Testament, children will be reminded that the Rescuer came at just the right time. With daily readings and hands-on activities, children will see how the whole Bible points to Jesus coming into the world to die on the cross for our sins.

"Is It Time Yet?" is a full Advent and Christmas program with resources for church and home, for children of all ages. These resources are designed to help your church and the families in your church anticipate the birth of Christ, rejoice in His coming and look forward to His coming again one day in the future.

Resources Available:

  1. Printed Storybook available on Amazon
  2. Ebook Storybook
  3. Family Worship Guideincluded free with the storybook
  4. Coloring Book - printed available on Amazon & digital here
  5. 4-week Sunday School Curriculum
  6. Homeschool Curriculum
  7. Spanish Ebook  - available printed on Amazon

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