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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

Bible Game Bundle (printable download)

Bible Game Bundle (printable download)

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Learning the books of the Bible is made fun and exciting with these Books of the Bible Flashcards and Bingo games. Imagine seeing kids in your life (at home or church) laughing and having fun while learning both the order of the books of the Bible and key truths about each book.



  • an Old Testament Bible book Bingo game with 9 unique cards
  • a New Testament Bible book Bingo game with 10 unique cards
  • a set of full-color printable cards - one card for each book of the Bible (note: books like 1 & 2 Samuel are combined onto 1 card)
  • cards with 10 games and learning activities for using the cards
  • a set of Bible book posters
  • each card has a Bible book name, a key theme for the book, a key memory verse (NIV version)for the book, and a picture to help remember the book.


Bible Book Cards

These cards are perfect for families to use during family worship, or for Sunday School or Children's Church classes to use as time filler activities at the beginning or end of class. These are also a great resource for homeschool families to use to supplement their Bible curriculum.

Please note that there is not a key verse for the book of Song of Solomon. This is intentional as a way to help children understand the truth that Song of Solomon is a book about God's good design for marriage.


Bingo Games

The Old Testament game has 9 unique bingo cards and the New Testament game has 10 unique bingo cards featuring the books of the Bible. Each square on the cards has the name of the book and an image reflecting something about the theme of the book. These pictures go along with the Bible Book cards. In this way even non-readers will be able to start to become familiar with the books of the Bible.



Fun and good for memory

Our kids loved playing Bingo. They all started repeating the name of the book after the caller said it, which was a great way for them to practice saying them. - Petrina E.

bingo game bible

love it. believe it will be a great tool in teaching the books of the bible. - Sandra E. Hill

Game Bundle

The pictures have a very nice message. They are full of detail. My students enjoyed them very much. They are a great way to start or end a lesson. Thank you - Kat



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