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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

Easter Story Scavenger Hunt - Family Printable - Download - Ages 2+

Easter Story Scavenger Hunt - Family Printable - Download - Ages 2+

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Are you looking for a creative way to talk through the Easter story with your children?

This Scavenger Hunt is perfect for church or home and is designed get kids outside exploring (or searching around your church/ home), to find small items that will help tell the biggest story. And, on top of that, there’s absolutely no prep for this activity. All you need is this printout and a Bible.

What to do:

  • Explain to kids that you’re going to have a scavenger hunt and that the items they’re looking for will help them to learn the true story of Easter.
  • Either hand out the scavenger hunt page and send kids searching, or send kids out one at a time to find a particular item.
  • After items have been found, take turns reading the Scripture references and reviewing the Easter story.


If you're doing this activity at church, and the items aren't readily available, consider hiding items around the area, or using the prepared cards. The cards can also be used in preschool sensory bins or as a matching game for a bonus activity. 


What you get:

  • PDF printable scavenger hunt list
  • PDF printable verse list
  • PDF printable parent letter
  • PDF printable item cards/ with verses


Happy Easter!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rev Bev (Waltham, US)
Good Interactive Easter Activity

We have a community wide eggstravaganza right before Easter. Crafts, games, food, Bible Stories and usually a play. This year we opted to do the Easter Story Scavenger Hunt instead of the play. It was a HUGE success and brought home the Bible Story in a fresh new way. Thank you for thinking outside the box!

Lori Rosie (Chesapeake, US)
Best Easter Gift!

I used these excellent resources for families as an Easter gift! I made the Easter Bags as a lesson in preschool and kindergarten, and then gifted them with the Scavenger hunt on Plam Sunday for Easter week!

Dale McLamb
Easter Story Search

We r planning to do on Easter Day. I begins the children will liove it

Chantal Brink (Cape Town, ZA)
Very easy and to the point... Love it!

Very easy and to the point... Love it!

kathy lamotte (Portland, US)
Great Product and Easy to Implement

We are enjoying the Easter Scavenger Hunt. It is a fun way to get the family together and go over the most wonderful time in history, when our Lord and Savior gave His life to save ours and then rose again to prove that He is God. I especially love how easy it is to implement. Thank you!