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Big Truth Bible Lessons for Kids

God is Three in One -Bible lesson on the Trinity for Ages 5-11 (download)

God is Three in One -Bible lesson on the Trinity for Ages 5-11 (download)

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 God is Three-in-One is a lesson on the trinity from the series "BIG TRUTH FOR YOUNG HEARTS." 

1- week Bible Lesson
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Ages 5-11

In this lesson, elementary students will have the opportunity to dive deep into the doctrine of the trinity. This lesson uses the story of Jesus’ baptism from Matthew 3 as a backdrop for the discussion on what it means that God is three-in-one. With its focus on the trinity, this is a perfect lesson for St. Patrick’s Day, or any time that you want kids to focus in on this meaty doctrine.

The reason the trinity is often discussed around St Patrick’s Day is that Patrick is known for evangelizing the people of Ireland, and for being a big proponent of the doctrine of the trinity. However, Patrick mistakenly used tried to use a shamrock as an analogy of the trinity, which is not a helpful analogy, and like all analogies leads to heresy.

[Although it may be tempting to use a shamrock as part of your St Patrick’s lesson on the trinity, please consider the wrong understanding of the trinity that this promotes.]

This year-long curriculum series takes the concepts, or the BIG TRUTHS, presented in Dr. Ware's book and provides teachers, parents, and churches with all the resources they need to proclaim those truths to the children in their lives. The curriculum units follow the chapters in the book. The hope is that churches would teach straight through the materials, as in many ways the units do build on each other. But the units are also written in such a way that you could easily teach them as a stand-alone curriculum. 

Click here for a scope and sequence of the full 52 weeks!

Age group: Elementary – K-6/ ages 5-11

Each lesson in this curriculum is designed to be taught over a 60-90 minute time frame to elementary students (K-6th) and includes the following elements: opening activities, large group worship, large group teaching guides, small group application activities for 2 different age groups, printable activity sheets, memory verse posters, take-home pages for family devotions and more. Suggestions are also given in the curriculum for how to best utilize the materials in shorter or longer class times and how to teach these materials to mixed age group class. 

Big Truth Unit 2 -
'God as 3-in-1' and 'Who is Jesus?':

In Unit 2, we dive into the Trinity, looking at each of the 3 persons of the Godhead and their roles and the big picture of God being 3 in 1. Then we look at the person of Christ. This part of the series is perfect for the Christmas season and will help kids see Jesus as more than the baby in the manger this year.  


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