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True Identity - 4-Week Bible Curriculum on the Image of God, Identity, and Gender - for ages 5-11 (download only)

True Identity - 4-Week Bible Curriculum on the Image of God, Identity, and Gender - for ages 5-11 (download only)

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"True Identity” is a 4-week series on what it means to be human, gender, sin, and finding our true identify in Christ alone.

There is much confusion today about what it means to be a person made in the image of God. The world is redefining everything, but the truth of God and His Word never changes. In this study we’ll look at some of the big issues of our day surrounding men and women, but instead of listening to what the world is saying, we’ll keep our focus on God and what He is saying. These lessons will lay a foundation for continuing conversations between parents (and teachers) and children as they see the huge divide between the world’s message and God’s message.


The goals of this series are:

  1. for children to see the inherent value in all people.
  2. for children to know what it means to be an image bearer of God.
  3. for children to understand that God never makes mistakes and it is good that God made us male and female.
  4. for children to be reminded that everything in the world was destroyed by the fall.
  5. for children to see the hope of the gospel.
  6. for children to learn that our true identity is found in Christ and not in trying to figure out who we are on our own. 


Click Here to Preview Week One's Lesson.

 Watch this video to preview some of the graphics/ resources for week 1.




  • Introductory Activity
  • Large Group Worship Time
    • Welcome activity
    • Study God’s Word – teaching materials for the Biblical text
    • 3 song suggestions
    • Prayer
  • Small-Group Lessons (2 ages groups - 5-8 & 8-11)
    • Review
    • Application
    • Memory Verse
    • Prayer
    • All necessary printables and resources


  • Perfectly Made by God
    • Text – Genesis 1-2
    • Made in God’s Image
    • Main Point – God made people to reflect Him
  • Perfectly Made Male and Female
    • Text – Genesis 1 & 2 and Ephesians 5
    • Men and Women both made in God’s image for differing roles
    • Main Point – God created me and women differently from the rest of creation
  • How it was Destroyed
    • Text – Genesis 2-3
    • The Fall
    • Main Point – Sin always results in separation from God, harm, ruin and death
  • Finding Our Identity in Jesus
    • Text – Luke 19
    • Jesus Calls Zacchaeus
    • Main Point – God makes people new in Jesus



  • 📅 4 weeks of teaching materials
  • 📘Scripture verses from from ESV, NIV & KJV (with printable in all 3 translations) + WORD file to edit for other translations as desired
  • ⏰   Teaching time: 45-90 minutes
  • 👧🏼 Ages 5-12 (grades K-6 in the USA)
  • 📥  Instant download (Word lesson, PDF lesson, PDF teaching materials, PPT)
  • 📺 Bonus PPT and image slides & countdown videos for large group teaching
  • ⛪️ You have full permission to share these digital materials within your congregation.



  • PDF download of all the lessons and teaching materials
  • WORD file of the lessons allowing you to edit as needed
  • Lesson Synopsis sheets for each lesson
  • Suggestions for 45 minute, 60 minute and longer teaching periods
  • All teaching materials including verse posters, worksheets and more
  • A PPT file and JPG images of all memory verses and slides you may want to use in large group
  • Suggested worship songs
  • Full scripted lessons
  • Countdown videos
  • Welcome/ Intro videos
  • Images/ videos to use for promotion/ social media
  • Parent letter introducing the series and providing talking points
  • Parent Connection Pages/ Take Home Pages


Pinterest Board with Additional Craft, Game and Decor Ideas 



Adaptable for 30-90 minute classes:

30 Minute Class

Intro Activity and Large Group

45 Minute Class

  • Intro Activity
  • Large Group
  • Review/ Application in Small Group

1 Hour Class

  • Intro Activity
  • Large Group
  • Review/ Application in Small Group
  • Memory Verse in Small Group

Longer Class or Multiple Sessions

The full curriculum can be taught in 90 minutes. Or, many churches choose to teach the curriculum during Sunday School and Children's Church or Sunday AM and Wednesday PM.

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Customer Reviews

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L.D. (Portsmouth, US)
Great 4-5 week series

Hey, I don't write many reviews, but I just wanted to pop in and say that we just finished the True Identity series and I loved teaching it! The lessons and activities were so helpful in giving me different ways to ensure comprehension of the weekly topic. And I appreciated the concepts so the kids would know they are 1) made in the image of God 2) they were made as a boy and a girl... and God said it was good 3) Who Adam & Eve were, how they were formed, and what their roles were 4) How sin came into the world by the serpent, this was a good breakdown, 5) and then the salvation and restoration of Zacchaeus. It all worked together well, and I continually reviewed it from the beginning each week because it tied and flowed easily. Anyways...I highly recommend this one. Enjoy my beautiful artwork haha!